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My name is Terry Foye (“Bird Dog”) and I’ve been raising dogs my whole life. I won’t lie, I love all breeds of dogs and can’t imagine life without a dog by my side. I will say that my heart and sole belongs to the Bullie Breeds. I bred and raised American Pit Bull Terriers for years as well as Pocket Bully’s and even English Bull Terriers. However, after getting my first Presa Canario some years back I was hooked on the breed and always will be.

I’ve always been the type of person who wouldn’t settle for average. When I get involved in something I have a tendency to be competitive and my expectations are nothing short of being at the top. My ethics as a Presa Canario breeder are no different. The bloodlines I’ve chosen to work with in the development of my dogs from Bird Dog’s Bullies were well researched to ensure they were the best that could be found. My goal wasn’t simply to breed excellent looking Presa Canario’s but to breed with health and temperament in mind to ensure my bloodlines produced not only great looking dogs but also had the health, temperament, and character that\’s expected in a quality pure bred. Most of my dogs come from outside the United States from International Champions with historical reputation of excellence.

As years have gone by and my family has grown we have recently added raising French Bull Dogs to our lives. Our Frenchies are warriors that stand out from the pack with unique colors and appearance. They are truly a blessing to raise and complement our breeding program that we take so much pride in.

I enjoy spending time with my dogs and allowing them to have the proper daily exercise they deserve. All my dogs are well socialized and obedient. They are my pride and passion.


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