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Unlike a lot of other breeders, we take the time and effort to storkoffer canine shipping for our puppies to those that are not within close distance to us here in North Carolina. Canine specific flights are proven to be a very safe means of transporting puppies. Some breeders may disagree because they may not be aware of which flights are appropriate and which aren’t. I would not recommend putting a young puppy in an automobile and traveling across the country because you feel it would be better on the puppy. Motion sickness is no different and in truth a puppy will sustain more motion sickness in a car than it would on a plane. Our puppies are shipped on canine specific flights in which policies and standards are adhered to for the safety, comfort, and health of all dogs on board. For complete information in regard to canine shipment please feel free to call the airlines we utilize which specialize in canine shipment:

Delta Air:   (800) 352-2746

We charge $375 for canine shipment anywhere within the continental United States. This includes:

  • Paid flight tickets to the closest international airport near your residence

  • Travel crate

  • Health Certificate and Acclimation statement from our Veterinarian

  • Travel Food and Water


*** You are always welcomed and encouraged to pick up your puppy in person at our residence.

We love meeting puppy owners in person and showing off our family of Presa Canarios! ***

Presa Canario Shipping